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“The importance of cleaning your carpets on a regular basis”

                In this article I will talk about the importance of cleaning your carpets on a regular basis, and not on the how dirty it looks schedule. Today we had a return customer that hasn’t had her carpets cleaned in almost two years. The picture above is of the actual job. Her carpets were so soiled and so many spots that we had to use a Carpet Cleaning pre-spray solution with a high PH level that removed any carpet protector that was in the carpet.

                The carpets cleaned up very well, however the main traffic lanes and in front of the sofas had severe dingy conditions and the fibers are damaged leaving the shadow look that we have all seen in traffic areas. Some of the spots and stains would not remove, because they have been there for so long and untouched. If our customer would have cleaned the carpets on a regular basis and had her carpets cleaned while they still looked cleaned, instead of cleaning on appearance, the carpet would last for years to come. However since she took the clean on appearance approach she will need to replace the carpets in the next few years.

                So there you have it a good reason to get your carpet cleaned on a regular basis and get your carpets cleaned while your carpets look clean instead of waiting until you can’t stand them anymore.

                If you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning company in the Huber Heights or surrounding areas please give us a call, @ 937-286-2244 we would be glade to give you an estimate. You will be glad you did.

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