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Pets bring in all kinds of dirt and grime on their paws. Even if you wipe their paws every time you enter the house it is almost impossible to remove all of the material they pick up. If this is not bad enough, what do you do if they have an accident on your carpet? Urine on the carpet smells bad and penetrates deeply into the carpet. Call in our professional carpet cleaning team to deal with this mess before it has time to become a serious problem.


Urine in the carpet smells bad and makes your home smell worse. No one likes to come into a home that smells bad much less walk on a carpet they know contains animal urine. Your dog may be getting older or perhaps you did not get home in time to let him or her out to do its business in the yard. Either way you have a mess on your hands. Some people will try to soak up the urine, but that action really does not get the smell out. There is still liquid that has penetrated deeply into the carpet. Call the carpet cleaning team immediately and get this liquid out before it has time to penetrate deeply.


Professional carpet cleaning machines can soak up the urine while at the same time cleaning your carpet. The cleaning chemicals we use will not harm your carpet in any way. They will clean your carpet removing all of the urine and they will leave your home smelling great again. It is so important to deal with the problem quickly. The earlier you take action, the more successful the cleaning will be. Call our Carpet Cleaning in Centerville, OH today to make an appointment to have your carpet cleaned and the urine your pet has left removed.