Tile and Grout Cleaning in Xenia OH


Tile and Grout Cleaning in Xenia OH and surrounding areas

                Earth Pro Clean offers Tile and grout cleaning to Xenia OH, please email or call to schedule your cleaning. I had a customer today that had a kitchen and dining room that needed Tile and Grout cleaning, the tile and grout has not been cleaned for a very long time, if ever. The customer’s big concern was will it come back to new look condition, sad but true answer to that questions is most likely not. When you wait that long to clean tile and grout, the soil and oils have reached deep into the grout and are very hard almost impossible to clean out. During the cleaning we could literally write are name in the floor, it was that dirty. The grout was cleaning up very well but, there was blotchy spots left behind on the deep stains.

                The customer was very pleased with the results and the floor looked ten times better, but he will most likely need to re color the grout to achieve the new look. This is the important issue of cleaning your tile and grout while it still looks clean, to keep it looking clean and new, when you clean on appearance you cannot always bring the floor back to the new look. Below is the process that we use here at Earth Pro Clean to clean tile and grout.

Tile and Grout Cleaning process:

1.       Pre-spray the floor using a safe emulsifier cleaning agent, to suspend and break up the soil.

2.       Scrub grout lines, we do not always scrub the grout lines, only on really heavy soil levels or deep grout.

3.       Dwell, wait and let it soak and do it job. 10-20 minutes depending on soil level.

4.       Start extracting using 1200psi of heated water inside a spinning tool that spins as it pressure washed, the water is instantly extracted and removed to the van outside, no water mess!

5.       Place high powered fan to dry floor, your tile and grout floor will be 90% dry by the time we leave your home.

So there you have it a little insight on Tile and Grout cleaning; now you can better ask questions when interviewing cleaning companies.

If you are looking for tile and grout cleaning in the Xenia Oh and surrounding areas , give us a call here at Earth Pro Clean @ 937-286-2244, we have been cleaning customers tile and grout floors for years, you will be glad you did.