Tile and Grout Cleaning in Centerville OH


Tile and Grout Cleaning - in Centerville OH and surrounding areas

                I would like to start by saying that all Tile and Grout cleaning companies are not the same; most companies uses different cleaning solutions, process, and cleaning equipment. There are a few different processes to clean tile and grout; you can use a cleaning solution to suspend the soil followed by a brush machine that scrubs the dirt away, followed by a shop vac that vacuums up the dirty water, you than need to rinse the floor with a mop. This process does not clean very well and takes too much time.

                The best way to clean Tile and grout is to use the self-contained high pressure cleaning system, in this process we spray a high power cleaning solution designed for tile and grout on the tile floor and let soak to suspend the soil. We than follow up using our state of the art high pressure spinner tool, in this tool we use 1200 psi of hot water to blast away the imbedded soil ( basically we are pressure washing your floor) but the water is contained within the equipment and quickly vacuumed away and carried outside to the van. With this process if the tile doesn’t get clean it will most likely need replaced or the grout re-colored (that’s another article).

                Tile and Grout cleaning can be very expensive and prices range from $.55-$.90 a sq. ft., much cheaper than replacement costs. At Earth Pro Clean we use state of the art cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions, and offer very competitive prices along with great customer services. So if you think your tile and grout floor is hopelessly lost and needs replace, always try to clean it first you just may be amazed. For best Tile and Grout Cleaning in Centerville OH and surrounding areas, give us a call you will be glad you did. 937-286-2244

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