The Festive Season And Your Beavercreek, OH Carpet Cleaning Needs


 Christmas is here and it's time to have all the fun and merriment that comes with it. However with all the fun and laughter your home will be stressing over the increased traffic moving over your carpet. Here's some tips and tricks for your Beavercreek, OH carpet cleaning to help keep your carpet in top condition over the festive period.

Christmas trees are perfect center pieces in the holidays but all those pine needles on the floor are not. To avoid indentations happening under the weight of your tree try sitting the tree inside a box wrapped in paper, so it blends in. Although this will still leave a mark it won't be as noticeable as there is greater support over a wider area at the bottom of the tree.  

When it comes to parties try moving your pieces of furniture around. This will move people away from the more regularly used areas of carpet to prevent those areas getting too damaged under the extra strain. Our Experts in Beavercreek, OH carpet cleaning advise that this in effect reduces the likeliness of getting worn patches over the floor, keeping your carpet in a great condition.

Another idea is to move your decorations off of the floor. With all their edges which can catch onto the carpet threads it's best to keep them off the ground. Try using them as focal points around your home for extra conversation starters. An added bonus of having your decorations around the room is that you can hide your carpet emergency kit behind them. Keep some kitchen towel and cloths handy in case any beverage related incidents occur.

Bearing all that in mind, have a great holiday season!

The Festive Season And Your Beavercreek, OH Carpet Cleaning Needs


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