Steam Carpet Cleaning in Centerville OH


Steam Carpet Cleaning in Centerville OH and surrounding areas

Earth Pro Clean offers steam carpet cleaning, there’s clean than there’s Earth Pro Clean, call today. In this article I will discuss steam carpet cleaning, the correct process for steam cleaning.

Steam carpet cleaning process:

 First I will say that not all cleaning companies steam clean the same, some companies do not pre spray, and or use emulsifiers during the rinse step, and most companies clean at a speed to fast to properly clean. Some just try to clean with water only.

First step is to pretreat the entire carpeted areas that are going to be cleaned, and pretreat any heavy spots or stains. Next the cleaning pretreatment needs to dwell a little to suspend the soil to be ready for extraction at least 5 minutes, during the extraction step the carpets are rinsed at around 300-400 psi of very hot water around 180-220 degrees. If the carpets are heavily soiled the cleaning tech may choose to run through the solution line an emulsifier cleaner or an acid rinse for lightly soiled carpets.

It is very important that the cleaners make one wet pass followed by a least 1 dry passes at no more than one foot per second, for heavily soiled carpets they should move a little slower.

Steam carpet cleaning is the deepest cleaning your carpets can get, as long as it is performed right, using the right cleaning solutions and process.

If you are looking for steam carpet cleaning in Centerville OH and surrounding areas, give us a call here at Earth Pro Clean, we have been steam cleaning carpets for happy customers for years. You will be glad you did.