Reliable Carpet Cleaning in Beavercreek OH


After a long winter, your whole house could use a deep cleaning. As you list the tasks needed do not forget to add the carpets throughout your home to the queue. Over the winter, they accumulate a lot of dirt, salt, and other soils as you and your family carry this debris in on your shoes and boots. Take the opportunity to give your carpeting a thorough and professional cleaning during your spring cleaning schedule to get you home ready for warm weather and all the fun and festivities of spring and summer.


When your carpeting has taken a beating, it is important to use the correct cleaning solutions and specialized equipment we can offer. Carpets retain dirt, grease, pet, and food stains, much of which works its way deeply into the fibers. It is essential to remove the soils in the correct way, vacuuming up solids first and then moving on to the substances that may be causing your rugs' fibers to be sticky and matted down. We use heavy duty extractors that utilize steam and appropriate cleansers to dissolve and release the stains and ground in mud and dirt that are making your carpeting look worn and tired.


Let our staff know the source of any staining so we can use our training and experience to choose precisely the products and the methods to pretreat problem areas. You can count on our Carpet Cleaning in Beavercreek OH to work quickly yet efficiently to remove dirt and stains while restoring texture to your wall to wall carpeting. We will use care to protect your furniture and avoid any additional staining while the carpeting dries. Before we leave we will educate you on how to manage the remaining drying time, leave protective coverings in place so you can move through your rooms without re-soiling the rug.