Regular Carpet Cleaning in Xenia, OH


Regular maintenance of your home, your car, your lawn mower and yes your carpets can extend their useful life for many years. Carpets and upholstery are the same. Over a short amount of time, dust and dirt builds up on indoor carpets. Dirt and pollen is blown in through open windows, tracked in by our pets and even ourselves. Pet dander and hair coats the carpet fibers. Then we spill food particles on it and sometimes even liquids. The oil from our own bodies along with skin particles also fall onto the carpet.


Regular vacuuming removes much of this material. Anything loose will be picked up by the vacuum as long as it has not penetrated to the base of the carpet where the fibers are held in place. But the oils from our skin, our pets, liquids and the dirt that sticks to it remain stuck to the fibers of your carpet. The fibers become matted looking and the carpet does not appear as clean as it once did. Proper Carpet Cleaning in Xenia, OH on a regular basis can remove almost all of this oil, pet dander and dirt that adheres to the carpet fibers. The pile of the carpet is restored and your carpet looks almost the same as when it was first installed.


Our professional Carpet Cleaning in Xenia, OH can clean all of the carpets in your home for a competitive price along with your upholstery. Steam cleaning after a party is one of the best times to have carpets cleaned to make it look good as new. Call our team today to speak to one of our client representatives. We can schedule an appointment to meet your busy schedule.