Hard truth... You get what you pay for... and every business has expenses and needs profit. 

Quality Cleaning or Quality Scam in Dayton Ohio


How does a carpet cleaning company clean 5 rooms for $99 or even as low $79... How do they even come out for $99? Read below, and do the math.




To do a decent job, a cleaning company should be in your home on "average" 2 hours or more. On average it takes twenty minutes to enter you info into a GPS and to drive to your home, it will than take another twenty minutes to drive from your home.


Do you want your cleaning company to have clean and maintained equipment? If so, the cleaning technician should spend around twenty minutes per home cleaning his van , not to mention the deep cleaning of holding tanks and re-stocking time at the end of the day.


Before all this began you had to make an appointment, on average it takes twenty minutes on the phone to book and schedule a cleaning appointment.


So the time involved with your home would be about THREE HOURS AND TWENTY MINUTES.


Your thinking that's around $30 per hour, if your getting the 5 rooms for $99 cleaning special.  But wait that does not include all the companies expenses.


The cleaning company has to get to your home, if you want them to drive a vehicle that doesn't leak oil in your driveway? That trip will cost about $12.


If you want the cleaning company to have liability insurance? Just in case the ruin your beautiful carpet, upholstery, or floors. It will cost on average $3-$4 per job.


If you would like the company to have decent updated equipment to do a decent job? That breaks down to about $6-$7 per job.


The company will need telephones to communicate with you and book the job, that breaks down to about $2-$3 per job.


Do you want trained technicians? That "know" how to clean properly. That breaks down to about $1 per job.


"If they use cleaning chemicals"? Decent chemicals will cost about $2-$3 per job.It's sad but this is where most companies skimp and purchase cheap low quality cleaning chemicals, IF THEY USE THEM AT ALL.


How did you here about the company? The average cleaning company spends about $30-$60 on advertising to acquire one new customer.


OK so now were up to abut $56 in cost assuming they only spent $30 to acquire you as a customer.


If the technician gets paid $8 per hour for the 3.33 hours it takes to complete your job, ( book job, drive time, cleaning time, etc. )

That's a total of $27, if you add in taxes and Workers Compensation insurance? you are up to $32. sadly many companies do not have insurance or pay taxes.


Total cost for a tech getting paid $8 an hour= $88, if you pay $99 there is a $11 profit, If you pay $89 it's only a $1 profit. If you pay $79 you do the math!


When you have a technician getting paid $8 per hour to clean your home there is a huge chance something will go wrong. Believe me.


Do you think that an $8 per hour technician is going to give much care for your home or belongings? Do you think the company is going to care about you as a customer for only $11 profit?


So why would a company even bother for an $11 profit or even worse a $1 profit.  "Bait and Switch" they will simple say that's not included, that will cost more, if they can't get you to bite? than break out the stop watch, it will be a speed cleaning. You wouldn't drive your car through a car wash at 20 mph would you? Won't get very clean. You can't clean carpets at Mach 2. And you must use cleaning chemicals to suspend the soil before extraction.


What if the company is paying that technician a little more than $8 per hour or has two technicians on the van? This means that company is cutting  out other expenses, like , Insurance, training, quality cleaning chemicals, etc. Do the math, The company can't stay in business otherwise.




If a company charges these cheap prices they are either skimping on service, lying about the service process they provide or they are on their way out of business.There's now other way to look at it. 


Don't trust an $8 per hour employee with your fine carpets, upholstery, tile & grout, or area rugs or dryer vents. 

Call Earth Pro Clean at 286-2244 one of the most reliable cleaning companies in the Dayton area.


"It's what you can't see in your carpets that makes the difference."