Professional carpet cleaning in Xenia OH


Professional carpet cleaning in Xenia OH

Earth Pro Clean offers the best carpet cleaning in town, call or click today to schedule you’re cleaning. In this article I will discuss carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning:

Getting your carpets cleaned on a regular basis is important for many reason, the most import reasons are to keep you investment lasting the longest it possible can, and to improve and maintain good indoor air quality. Your carpets are like giant air filters for your home, and just because your carpets look clean, does not mean they are clean. Annual cleaning is recommend by the IICRC and major carpet manufactures, it’s our carpet, your home, clean for looks, but more importantly clean for health.

Professional Carpet cleaning

Truck Mount Steam cleaning, with this method the cleaning company utilizes a large truck mounted cleaning machine, that heats up the water and has a very high powered vacuum. The company will apply the heated water and cleaning solutions to the carpet through a cleaning tool, and vacuum away the soil from the carpets. These trucks mounted units a very powerful and cannot be matched by a store bought or rental machine.

For Professional carpet cleaning in the Xenia Oh and surrounding areas please email or call, you will be glad you did.