Professional Steam Cleaning in Beavercreek, OH




Tired of having dirty and dingy looking carpeting? Is your carpeting covered in stains that just won't go away? Does your carpeting have strange or unusual smells that are hard to locate and even harder to remove? Do you have pets or suffer from allergies? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Steam Cleaning in Beavercreek, OH for carpet, such as our company provides, is just what the doctor ordered!


Steam Cleaning in Beavercreek, OH for carpets works through a scientific process that is so simple, yet produces an impressive clean that puts household cleaning products and equipment to shame. Every cleaning we do starts with a simple dry vacuuming to remove surface dirt and particles. Next, we apply a preconditioning agent that works to loosed stubborn dirt and stains. Then, we spot treat any noticeable stains and odors to begin lifting and removing them. Next comes the most important step: the hot water extraction. This is an amazingly simple process that yields results that are second to none. The hot water penetrates deep within carpet fibers. There, the combination of heat and moisture reacts with dirt and allergens, causing them to release their grip upon your carpeting and to quickly be sucked up and out of your home. This method is surprisingly gentle and well suited for most carpet types, yet works to effectively remove dirt, allergens, stains, and pet odors.


If you're ready to see your carpeting brought back to a like new state, then give us a call! We specialize in Steam Cleaning in Beavercreek, OH carpet, as well as upholstery, and can provide you with a clean like carpeting like you've never experienced before. Give us a call today to schedule your first cleaning and to get your free estimate. Be sure to ask about our other cleaning packages!


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