Professional Carpet Cleaning in Beavercreek OH


Professional Carpet Cleaning in Beavercreek OH

                In this article I will talk about “professional carpet cleaning” vs a company with some cleaning vans. Just because you see an ad for carpet cleaning doesn’t mean that the company cleans professionally, even though they claim that in the ad, or on the side of their yellow van, many times the cleaners are not professionals and are not IICRC (international institute of carpet and rug cleaning) certified. Many of their technicians are hired short term and have no training at all. Over 75% of cleaning companies have known idea how to properly clean carpets and have not been professionally trained to do so. Many do not have formal training, let alone continue to train as carpet construction and cleaning chemicals continue to change. An easy way to spot these kinds of untrained and unprofessional companies is in the PRICE, yes the price why you ask, because a company that cleans professionally and cleans to IICRC standards cannot charge those cheap prices and stay in business period.. Companies that charge those cheap coupon prices need to cut out all the proper clean steps and customer service in order to get the price down low enough to make a profit.

                So you’re thinking I had my carpets cleaned by one of those cheap companies and they did a good job. Or did they? It is what is left behind that you cannot see that makes the difference, if you were to look at your carpet under a microscope you would most likely see that the fibers are distorted from using a cleaner with too high of a PH level for that fiber, your carpet protector that was applied from the factory is now removed and gone, you will see residues left behind, and lots of soil deep in the carpet from improper cleaning process. If your carpet doesn’t look dirty to begin with you won’t know the difference anyway. I will discuss more about coupon cleaners in another article.

                So there you have it some insight and food for thought on a professional carpet cleaning company, now you can ask the right questions before hiring a carpet cleaning company, like; are your cleaning techs IICRC certified, how long have they worked at your company, what kind of cleaning process do you use, what cleaning chemicals are you going to use on my carpets and upholstery, are you insured, is your equipment updated and current, do you have a guarantee. WOW, I know lots of questions and answers, but that’s the truth to in the service industry, you can have 10 carpet cleaning companies, and only a few will clean professionally and according to IICRC standards, and they will all have a different price.

                Don’t cheat yourself when it comes to your expensive carpet in your home, call a true professional carpet cleaning company, call Earth Pro Clean @ 937-286-2244 we have been professionally cleaning customers carpets in the Beavercreek OH and surrounding areas for years, we do not take short cuts, and are priced competitively, you will be glad you did.