Pet Stain Removal DIY - in Beavercreek OH


Pet Stain Removal DIY in Beavercreek OH and surrounding areas

                In this article I will discuss Do It Yourself Pet Stain Removal; I will talk about Odor removal in another article.  First thing is not all Pet Stains can be removed; this is because many times the home owner lets the problem go for too long. By letting the problem go and just saying I will take care of it when I get my carpets cleaned, well when are you going to get your carpets cleaned is the questions, tomorrow, next week, next year. If left to long the Urine can actual change the fiber and color and be impossible to remove without fiber damage. Cleaning it up fast is the key. One of the most important things to know is how to treat pet stains yourself, because you need to tackle the situations quickly upon finding it.

                I will tell you a few ingredients to make your own cleaner that will help you until you get your carpets professional cleaned.  First thing, do not use this on wool or silk, any natural fibers, and use at your own risk. You will need some Hydrogen Peroxide and Ammonia, the mix is one to five, one part ammonia to five parts HP. You will want to clean up as much of the Pet Stain first, by laying a towel over “Urine”  and standing on it to absorb as much as you can, if it’s a number two you need to clean up as much of the solids as you can without pushing it into the fibers. You than apply the cleaning solution go ahead and wet it down pretty good, don’t poor it on and saturate it but wet it good. Let dwell for about 10 to 15 minutes and blot away with a clean towel. Again stand on it to help remove, Rinse with water and blot, repeat until all is out, if the Pet Stain is oily add a teaspoon of dish soap to the cleaning solution to help. If you have a small carpet cleaner or shop vac, use it to extract any liquid.

                If you want to help with the odor you can use distilled Vinegar and spray. The Vinegar smell will go away in a few days. So there you have it a simple yet effective way to clean up pet stains. Now will this work for every situation no it will not, but is pretty effective. Please let us at your next cleaning if you have any pet stains or have treated them with any products.

                If you would like a professional to come and clean up your Pet Stain if you are not a DIY (do it yourself) , give us a call here at Earth Pro Clean, we have been cleaning up after pets in the Beavercreek Oh and surrounding areas for years. Call us at 937-286-2244

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