Pet Odor removal from carpet in Beavercreek OH


Pet Odor removal from carpet in Beavercreek OH and surrounding areas

Earth Pro Clean offers pet odor removal from carpet in Beavercreek OH, call or click today to schedule you’re cleaning. In This article I will discuss the process of removing pet odors from carpet, from light odor to severe. I first want to be clear that pet odors are extremely tough to get rid of entirely, most of the time you seem to be chasing the odor from one are to the next, and if you still have the pet in the house?, new odors will start to form.

Light Pet Odor removal:

                With light pet odors, the process is usually a very good “steam” cleaning aka hot water extraction, using a pre-conditioning spray made for pet odors on ALL of the carpeted areas being cleaned  that will break down urine deposits as wells as pet oils. Pet oils are what cause the pet smell, animals have oils in their hair that transfer to upholstery and carpet fibers cause the pet smell. Followed by a “slow” (not Mach 2) rinse of the carpet fibers mixed with a deodorizer. After the area(s) have been cleaned we will follow up with a post treatment deodorizer. No fans... let dry naturally, the longer it stays wet the more the deodorizer works. This process will usually cure most light odors, but not deep urine odors.

Deep Pet Odor removal:

                In this process we will find the source of the Pet Stain that is causing the odor, we will than mix up a cleaning solution made to break down urine, we will than saturate the stain/spot by pouring the solution on the stain. Let the solution dwell for up to 1 hour while cleaning other areas of the home, we then use a special extraction tool to pull all the solution from the carpet and padding, followed by a rinse or two and extraction. This will usually take care of any heavy pet odors as long as we can come in contact with the source. For very extreme odors it may be more cost effective to jut cut out the carpet and replace with new, after treating the sub floor.

If you are looking for pet odor removal from your carpet in the Beavercreek OH or surrounding areas, give us a call here at Earth Pro Clean @937-286-2244, we have been helping pet owners clean up after their pets for years, you will be glad you did!