Our Centerville, OH Dryer Vent Cleaning Will Make Your Home Safe

When your clothes dryer vent becomes clogged with lint, trash and debris, it is time to have it cleaned by a reputable and experienced Centerville, OH dryer vent cleaning company like ours if you want to prevent a potential fire in your home. Lint, dust and trash accumulates over time and will then block the vent opening, which could cause these flammable substances to ignite. One of the first signs that points to a blocked vent is when your clothing and other items are still damp or wet after they finish going through the normal drying cycle. When this occurs, trapped lint and debris is most likely clogging the vent and should be removed as soon as possible. Another sign is if your items are overly warm or hot to the touch after the go through a regular drying cycle. Generally, this means that your dryer is overheating. This can turn into a dangerous situation because an overheated clothes dryer can overload your electrical system and could cause a fire in your home. If the dryer vent is not properly connected to your dryer, it can lead to a clogged vent. In addition, if your dryer hose is twisted, bent or sagging the middle, it is mostly due to trapped lint and debris that is restricting air flow. When this happens, your dryer will not function as it should and could become dangerous. To avoid the risk of a fire in your home, we highly recommend that you call us at least once a years to setup an appointment for a professional dryer vent cleaning. Our well established company has been in business for years and is very reliable. Our technicians are highly trained and will do a thorough Centerville, OH dryer vent cleaning which will make your home safer, so call us today. 

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