Number One Carpet Cleaning in Dayton, OH


Clean carpets are those that please the eye, last long, and are healthier than poorly maintained carpets. Providing your carpet with proper cleaning, therefore, means a lot, not only to your carpet but your overall health as well. The deal is to go for the best cleaning company that will ensure that no dirt, stain and microscopic bacteria is left. At our Professional Carpet Cleaning in Dayton, OH, we offer the best cleaning services you have always dreamed of. It does not matter the condition your carpet is at; our job is to make your carpet sparkle within the shortest time possible.


Our company is equipped with specialists with certifications from top-ranked institutes. We are also equipped with powerful truck mounted equipment that carries out moisture extraction from your carpet leaving it dry within the shortest time possible. Within two hours, your carpet will be dry and ready to walk on.


The hint behind our success is our strategy of pretreating spots, stains and high traffic sites. After cleaning, all the dirty waters and odors are taken into our truck, so you don't have to worry about polluting your compound. Other services offered by our company include pet stain treatment, tile and grout cleaning, disinfection and deodorizing, and upholstery cleaning. Your carpet deserves proper cleaning that will leave it appealing to the eye, long-lasting, and healthy. Once you give Professional Carpet Cleaning in Dayton, OH, you will realize why it continues to stay at the top of the cleaning companies' pyramid. With our process, your carpets are destined to stay cleaner for the longest time possible.