Methods of carpet cleaning in Centerville



These are the methods which involve the use of water during the cleaning process. Although they may be effective, these methods are time consuming, labor demanding and costly. The most common wet methods are:


The method is rare nowadays since technology has improved over the years. A high foaming cleaning solution was used to soak the carpet before cleaning it up. The solution was then removed using a wet vac and then the carpet left to dry up thoroughly. Depending with the type of carpet, the method could turn out to be very laborious and time consuming because one had to rinse the carpet after cleaning it up. However, a major shortcoming of this method was realized if there was heavy lather when cleaning, rinsing was not done because since it would use a lot of water and time. At the time, the detergents which were used in cleaning were formulated with coconut oil soaps which left a sticky residue after cleaning making the carpet re-soil easily after cleaning. This has changed because today’s detergents are synthetic and they do not leave any residue whatsoever.


This is the most effective method of cleaning carpets and it’s widely recommended because it offers great results. The method has a pre-vacuuming process where all dirty particulates are removed from the carpet prior to the actual cleaning process. To breakdown oils and greases which might be in the carpet, a cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet to soak and remove dirt. Here, a rotary brush can be used to facilitate cleaning and later the soil and the cleaning solution is rinsed using pressurized hot water which is applied using a wet vacuum. After the carpet has been thoroughly rinsed, professionals recommend that you re apply carpet protector since the factory protector may be worn out when cleaning. Although this method is recommended by most carpet manufacturers and IICRC due to its effective cleaning abilities, this method requires expensive equipment which most people might not afford. Also, your carpet requires long drying time (2-6 hours) depending on the current weather conditions. For the best carpet cleaning in Centerville call us today.