Methods by professional carpet cleaning in Centerville, OH


Over a period, the once beautiful and bright carpet in your home may change color due to dirt and stains. Dirty carpets do not just damage the aesthetics of the rooms they are in. They also make the room feel stuffy. It necessitates regular, thorough carpet cleaning by professionals. Depending on the usage of the carpet, it should be cleaned anywhere between every two months or six months by professional cleaners. Professional carpet cleaning in Centerville, OH leaves your carpet healthier and keeps the room smelling fresher. There are many different methods of carpet cleaning used by professionals:


This method begins by spraying a cleaning solution on the surface of the carpet. This solution breaks down the soils. After pouring this solution, the professional then guide a rotary machine with a bonnet or an absorbent pad at the bottom over the carpet’s surface. Because the pad is spinning, it agitates the cleaning solution. The pad absorbs the dirty solution. When soiled, it is changed continuously until the whole carpet is clean. It is a cleaning method best suited for low pile interim commercial grade carpets. It uses crystals that encapsulate soil particles on contact. Once the carpet is misted with the solution, the machine agitates it, and as the solution dries, it encapsulates the soil particles in the fibers of the carpet. The particles are then removed through vacuuming.


This is the most effective damp cleaning method that is used. It is also the most highly recommended. A vacuum is applied to remove the soil particles from the carpet fibers. A solution is then poured to absorb the oils and greases. A grooming rake is used to agitate the solution. The carpet is rinsed using pressurized hot water and a powerful wet vacuum. After the rinse, extraction of a high-quality carpet protector is re-applied. Call our professional carpet cleaning in Centerville, OH if you have any questions.