Keeping your home safe from fire hazards in Xenia, OH





A fire is a concern that every homeowner has, and wants to prevent as much as possible. While you do everything you can to keep electrical circuits at a minimum there are other areas of the home that can get neglected. The main room that becomes a problem with fire safety is the laundry room. If there is a laundry room built into your home, chances are there are dryer vents that need to be cleaned.


Dryer vent cleaning in Xenia, OH is similar to removing the lint from your filter that you can reach into on your dryer. But that lint, hair, clothing material and debris goes in more than one place. The dryer catches as much as they can and traps in the lint trap, but more of it flies through the machine itself and goes through a vent that is then sent outside the home. Since it is nothing but hot air flowing through this vent a blockage can be a problem, not only for getting your clothes dry, but could cause a fire as well.


We can take care of the Dryer vent cleaning in Xenia, OH   for you, eliminating would could become a potential difficult job. Depending on how the vent is angled or placed, dryer vent cleaning requires specific tools that will catch every piece of debris and remove it. We have the tools and the professionals to accompany them in order to take care of your home to the fullest. We want your dryer to work at its best and we want you to be safe in your home while you are taking care of the laundry. Give us a call today and ask about our services so we can take care of your Dryer vent cleaning in Xenia, OH   for you, and keep you safe.

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