Important Carpet Cleaning in Dayton, OH


There are any number of rooms and spaces in your home that are dirtier than they really should be. One of those, of course, can be the kitchen. There is food and liquid spills while you are cooking and those same kinds of spills while children are having something to drink in there. That does not even mention that coffee spill you may have made while making, pouring or putting cream in it. The bathroom can also become rather dirty as can the laundry room. Since some of this mess can make its way into the carpeted areas, you can imagine what actually gets into the pile of this relatively expensive floor covering.


Professional Carpet Cleaning in Dayton, OH, the way we do it, takes all of that into consideration when we come to your home so soon after we have been called. The first thing is the inspection that will help us, and you, see what has happened and where the contamination that is hiding in your carpets came from. This can help you in your daily cleaning efforts and it will assist our trained, insured and bonded technicians as they get to work. What we may find are extra dirty sections of carpeting that will require additional attention. This can take the form of hand cleaning small sections or pre-treating certain parts of each room. It might entail the neutralizing of any stains that are developing. There may some specific areas that might need some repair work to remediate issues that ordinary carpet cleaning companies will not trust themselves to offer.


What will be decided is which of the two main methods of deep cleaning your carpets will be used. One of these is a dry chemical process. This technique uses an ultra low moisture powder or bead to bond with the contamination. It will bond to and kill any living organisms to eliminate them from harming people who have medical fragile conditions. The other system is a water extra method that forces cleaning solution deep into the pile and agitates the fiber to release all of this contamination for removal by a vacuum system. If you have any questions call our Carpet Cleaning in Dayton, OH.