Grout Cleaning in Centerville OH


Grout Cleaning in Centerville OH

Do you still remember the original color of your grout!

                We all do it, life gets busy we busy on routine maintenance and before you know it your grout has gotten so soiled that it just looks normal and you have forgotten the original color. This is the case of a recent customer in Centerville OH who hasn’t cleaned her tile and grout floor for some time. We took the normal approach to cleaning the grout and found out very quick that this customer loves to cook in her kitchen! The cleaning solution we used just wasn’t cutting it, we had to regroup and step it up a notch with adding some grease cutting boosters and scrubbing the grout before the high pressure cleaning began.

That customers grout turned out great, there were a few areas that just wouldn’t come clean but overall the cleaning was a night and day result, with a happy customer. The cleaning process we use here at Earth Pro Clean is as follows:

1.       We start the grout cleaning process by pre-treating the grout and floor with a special cleaning solution designed for penetrating the grout and suspending the soil.

2.       On occasions we need to scrub the grout and work in the pretreatment, but is not needed on all cleaning jobs.

3.       Dwell time, let it soak… this is a must for dirty grout. 10-20 minutes.

4.       High pressure cleaning, we use the Hydroforce sx12/sx15, this is an enclosed high pressure washing system that pressure washes the grout and floor at around 1200-1500 psi, and immediately vacuums away the water, making no mess.

Earth Pro Clean has been dealing with some of the worst grout and floors in town for years; we are a member of the BBB (better business bureau) as an accredited business. We use up-to-date equipment and continue ongoing training. We have many happy Grout Cleaning customers in Centerville OH and surrounding areas, call or click today to schedule you’re cleaning.

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