Green Carpet Cleaning in Centerville OH


Green Carpet Cleaning in Centerville OH and surrounding areas

Earth Pro Clean is Centerville Ohio’s leading Green carpet cleaning company, call or click today to schedule you’re cleaning. In this article I will discuss what Green cleaning is and the difference between green cleaning companies.

What is green carpet cleaning? Most people think it is Dry carpet cleaning or low moisture carpet cleaning, this is not entirely true, although these cleaning process are about as green as it gets because of the water savings, this does not make them the only green carpet cleaning out there. Most companies say they’re a Green carpet cleaning company just because the use a Green product. There is more to Green cleaning than just a cleaning solution.

Let’s start with the equipment, at Earth Pro Clean our Truck Mounted carpet cleaning machine is custom built for maximum fuel efficiency, sure we could of just ordered one of the shelf that burns 2-3 gallons of carbon filled gasoline an hour, but we wanted to take it a bit further, our cleaning machine only uses around 1 gallon an hour thus having a smaller carbon foot print.

Now let’s talk about cleaning solutions, most companies say they are using a Green carpet cleaning solution on your carpet, but if you ask them to read the label most will make up an excuse as to why you can’t. (it your carpet, and your family read the label) At Earth Pro Clean we use only the best green cleaning solutions on your carpet, our cleaning solutions contain no ethers, butyls, carcinogens, voc’s, or other hazardous ingredients.

Let’s talk process, like I said before Low moisture carpet cleaning is probably one the greenest carpet cleaning processes you can use if combined with a green carpet cleaning solution. The reason is it uses a fraction of the water to clean, but not everyone has the right conditions to allow for this process. Most people clean on appearance only and wait until the carpet is soiled beyond LMC. The next is Steam cleaning, hot water extraction, most companies clean at too high of water pressure leaving the carpet overly wet and wasting water. 200-300 psi is high enough to clean carpets.

Now for everyday business practices, most companies who call themselves a green cleaning company don’t care about the environment and waste resources when not in use. At Earth Pro Clean we use energy efficient office equipment and light bulbs, we never leave equipment on when not in use, use recycled material for all our advertising.

So there you have a little insight on what is to be a green carpet cleaning company, just because someone says they are  a green cleaning company does not mean they are green, they may only use a green product, but are they using it the right way? That’s another article for another day.

SO if you’re looking for a Green Carpet Cleaning company in Centerville Oh and surrounding areas, give us a call here at Earth Pro Clean @ 937-286-2244, we are a green carpet cleaning company in more ways than one. You will be glad you did.