Great Upholstery Cleaning in Beavercreek OH


You don't know real frustration until you finally buy that lovely (and expensive) off-white wing chair with eight-way, hand-tied springs and a beautiful flocked material that will really bring out the colors in the couch you recently found at another furniture store. This is not only a beautiful complement to your living room but just the right size for your husband, a place where he can sit to watch movies or games while you lounge with plenty of elbow room in the couch. But then comes the disaster. Someone accidentally spilled on the new couch.


The house was calm, unusually quiet. The TV had been turned off and the two work buddies had thanked me for the food and drink as well as the hospitality, and they had gone away. Now, in the aftermath of the game I sighed and looked at my husband. He had guilt written not only all over his face but all over his wet, dirty T-shirt too. Don't try to clean expensive upholstery yourself. You only make matters worse and "set" the stains so they may never come out. Call professional Upholstery Cleaning in Beavercreek OH to get the job done right. I knew better than to try to get dried beer stains out of my beautiful new chair, and further, I also found beer stains and grease stains on the couch as well. As was to be expected, the place was a mess.


The upshot was that I remembered an excellent professional Upholstery Cleaning in Beavercreek OH. The receptionist, assured me that they made a specialty of soiled upholstery and congratulated me on not trying to 'fix" the problem on my own. The price wasn't exorbitant and the men came out promptly, got busy and when they let my furniture looked brand new again! I was so happy I tipped the two men ten bucks apiece. And as an added perk, they Scotch guarded the upholstery too, just to make future disasters less traumatic. Okay, bottom line here is, don't try to clean delicate upholstery at home. Call in the pros and get it done safely...and right!