Great Carpet Steam Cleaning in Xenia, OH


Steam clean your carpets to remove all of the grime and dirt that builds up on and in your carpet. Our carpets pick up all kinds of dirt, oils, lint, dust and more every day. Dust is blown in through the windows. Lint from our clothes, although microscopic also falls on them. We walk on our carpets with bear feet and leave oils and skin particles as we walk from one room to another. All kinds of dirt is tracked in from outside.


Even though we are careful and remove our shoes, small particles still find their way onto the carpet. Our pets and kids also bring a great deal inside. Then there are the food spills which contains more oils and food particles. Even if we were to vacuum every day, these particles and oils find their way deep into the carpet and attach to the fibers of your carpet. The only sure way to remove these particles and oils is by steam cleaning your carpets. When you steam clean your carpet, hot steam is applied to the carpet which in turn warms the dirt and oils making them much easier to remove.


Steam Cleaning in Xenia, OH combined with a special vacuum that vacuums up the moisture along with the dirt, the oils etc. leaves your carpet looking great again. The nap of the carpet will stand up straight and the carpet smells fresh and clean. Washing carpets removes some of the material that is adhering to the carpet fibers. When you steam clean your carpets, far more of the material is removed because it softens the oils and dirt making them easy to remove. Call to make an appointment today to have our professional carpet cleaning company steam clean your carpet. Our client reps will set up an appointment and provide a rough estimate of the cost over the phone.