Good Upholstery Cleaning in Xenia, OH   



There are a lot of things that happen to your furniture. It gets sat on by many people, very often with dirty clothes; often with simply dirty clothes. Occasionally, no matter how well you train them, the dog or cat will get up there as well. That is even mentioning all of the air that comes in from outside that could carry such things as pollen and other contaminants with it. Most of this is hidden down deep inside, so Upholstery Cleaning in Xenia, OH, by yourself, could meet with mixed results. As professional upholstery cleaning technicians, we do this every day and have the experience and equipment to handle whatever comes our way and whatever problems you are encountering with your upholstered furniture. The process is fairly straight forward and we come when you call us.


We begin by doing what we can suggest you do, on a regular basis, which is using a vacuum to remove normal dirt and dust. Our vacuum is a bit more powerful than yours, so we remove most of all of the exterior contamination. This allows us to get fairly deep into the cushions as well to remove some of the small material that gets down there.


We then get the actual cleaning equipment into action. The cleansers, the machine that is used as well as the techniques are all designed or formulated to work on the many different organisms and materials that are inside the padding and stuffing in any furniture pieces. This kills the germs, bacteria and any allergens that are present as well as dislodge deep down dirt, dust and any molds that might be present. Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Xenia, OH, done properly, will remove all contaminants, whether they contribute any specific odors or not. When we are finished, you will have a clean, safe and healthy set of furniture that smells nicer than when we got there and isn't that a good idea?