Dryer Vent Cleaning - roof top vent, screen or no screen in Beavercreek Ohio


Dryer Vent Cleaning – roof top vent; screen or no screen Beavercreek Ohio

Earth Pro Clean offers Dryer Vent cleaning in Beavercreek Ohio and surrounding areas, for other cleaning services please email or call. In this article I will be discussing Dryer Vent cleaning and roof top vent caps, do you need a screen or no screen?

I was called out to a job today in Beavercreek Ohio for a Dryer vent cleaning, the home was a Ranch with a roof top vent, I noticed the roof had been replaced recently. I asked the homeowner what the issue was with their dryer, they said not drying.

I completed my usual cleaning by removing the Dryer and attaching a high powered vacuum to the vent in the wall, and ran flex rods with a low rpm brush head on the end to clean the vent pipe. I than reversed the flow to go on the roof to clean the cap and any blockage towards the end, and found that the new dryer vent cap that was put on during the new roof install had a screen in it. The screen was completely clogged with lint and blocking the air flow. I removed the screen and gave to the homeowners to keep for future use if need be.

I have ran into this problem a number of times and have found that if you leave the screen in the vent cap it will clog in a matter of months. It is better to remove it and take your chances with the birds nesting. If your dryer vent does get pest nest in it, I would recommend a large cage to install over the entire vent cap with larger holes for the lint to pass through.

So there you have it a little insight on roof top dryer vent caps and whether or not you should have a screen in them or not.

If you are looking for Dryer vent cleaning in Beavercreek Ohio or surrounding areas, please give us a call you will be glad you did.