Dryer Vent Cleaning in Fairborn OH


Dryer Vent Cleaning in Fairborn OH

Earth Pro Clean offers Dryer Vent Cleaning in Fairborn Oh and surrounding areas, for more cleaning services please call or click. In this article I will talk about dryer vent cleaning; why you should clean your dryer vent, and the different cleaning processes that are out there today.

Why should you clean your Dryer Vent?

 Your dryer acts like a large oven, heating the wet clothes as it turns, the result is evaporation of the water and all that heat and evaporated moisture needs to go somewhere. This is why your dryer vent outside and not into your house.  If your Dryer or vent gets clogged with lint it stops the air flow and the moisture and heat have nowhere to go and stay inside the dryer, this is why your clothes will start to still be wet after a dry cycle.

Reasons to clean our Dryer Vent:

1.       Your Dryer will work at its top performance, will run less.

2.       Save money on your utilities: since your dryer is running less your utilities will be lower.

3.       Help prevent a Dryer fire. All that heat need to go somewhere, if your dryer gets to hot it could catch on fire.

4.       Peace of mind; knowing your dryer vent is cleaned and your dryer is working at its best.

Cleaning processes:

1.       Air cleaning process: the cleaning company uses an air hose with a special tip on it to blow back the air, resulting in the lint being blown out of the dryer vent; this process removes the bulk of the lint but does not scrub the inner walls.

2.       Flex rods and brushes: in this process the cleaning tech will hook up a high powered vacuum to your vent running flex rods with a brush spinning at a low rpm, cleaning the lint and scrubbing the inner walls.

At Earth Pro Clean we use the Flex rod and brush process, we believe that by using a brush and gently scrubbing the inner walls results in a better and longer clean vent.

If your are looking for Dryer vent cleaning in the Fairborn OH and surrounding areas, please give us a call, we have been cleaning customers dryer vents for years. You will be glad you did.