Dryer Vent Cleaning in Dayton Ohio


Dryer Vent Cleaning in Dayton Ohio and surrounding areas

Earth Pro Clean offers Dryer vent cleaning in Dayton OH, call today to schedule you’re cleaning. So you think your Dryer vent is clogged and you need to have it clean. We recommend that you get your Dryer vent s cleaned every year, at least every 2 years to ensure that your Dryer is working at its best performance, and reduce the risk of a fire. In this article I will discuss the different cleaning processes.

Dryer Vent Cleaning processes:

1.       Air cleaning process: with this process the cleaning technician uses an air hose with a special tip on the end that will blow back the air and the bulk of the lint; this method cleans well and takes less time, (the cleaning is only performed outside) but does not scrub the inner walls, leaving behind lint residues that can lead to a faster build up. The cleaning company should still remove the Dryer and clean the flex vent hose and inside the Dryer lint trap. NOT just run an air hose down the vent from the outside and say that’s it all done. (most companies do this, be careful, ask questions)

2.       Brush and Flex Rod Process: with this process the cleaning technician uses a high power vacuum that attached to the Dryer vent located behind the Dryer, they will than run flex rods with a brush attached to the end through the Dryer vent rotating at a low rpm to gentle scrub the inner vent walls. The cleaning company should than clean the Dryer flex vent and the lint trap. The Dryer is turned on and the same process is completed from the outside vent, resulting in any left behind lint begin removed and blown out. (The company needs to check and clean the outside vent if they have access to it) most lint clogged is in the vent cover and cover trap door, along with bird nest. Again ask questions know the process and steps you are getting.

So there you have it a better understanding on how Dryer Vents are cleaned and the processes and steps to clean them. Now you can better ask the right questions when scheduling your Dryer vent cleaning, remember there is no such thing as a stupid question, it’s your home and you are the paying customer, and ask away.

If you are looking to have Dryer Vent Cleaning in the Dayton Ohio and surrounding areas, or you just have some questions, give us a call here at Earth Pro Clean @ 937-286-2244 we have been cleaning Dryer Vents in the Dayton area for years. You will be glad you did.