Dryer Vent Cleaning in Centerville OH


Dryer Vent Cleaning in Centerville OH

                In this article I will discuss Dryer Vent cleaning along with some reasons why you should clean your Dryer vent on a regular basis. First off I would like to say that not everyone has the same Dryer Vent setup in their home, some peoples Dryer will vent through the roof and some will vent through the side wall. Some will have no elbows and turns and some will have two or more. The longer the Vent is the more chance your Dryer Vent will clog with lint sooner, if you have elbows and turns in the vent this will result in lint getting clogged, and you will need a cleaning sooner than others with no turns. So there is no real one answer to the question “how often should I get my Dryer Vent Cleaned” it really depends on your Dryer Vent setup. But a good rule of thumb is get your dryer vent cleaned annually.

                So now that you know about different Dryer Vent installations and issues, we will discuss why you should get your Dryer Vent cleaned. Let’s think of your clothes Dryer as a hair Dryer for a second, no with a hair dryer it has heating elements that get hot and it blows air, same thing as your Clothes Dryer, now turn your hair dryer and cover the end up with your hand or a towel. What do you think will happen if left there to long? That’s right it will most likely catch fire or break your hair dryer. This is the same for a Clothes dryer vent when it gets clogged with lint, the air flow is stopped or slowed down and the Dryer begins to overheat, the evaporating moisture from the clothes has nowhere to go so it stays on the clothes, hence that is why they are still wet after a full Dryer cycle.

                So now that you know how a Dryer works and what happens when the Dryer vent gets clogged with lint, now let’s talk about getting your dryer vent cleaned. It’s inevitable your clothes dryer will pass lint into the vent, there are no clothes dryers that will catch 100% of the lint, no whether or not how much of that passed lint stays ion you’re Dryer Vent, depends on your vent installation.

                So how long should I wait between Dryer vent cleanings? The answer is it is safe practice to have your dryer vent cleaned annually; it is a small price to pay for the added insurance that you’re Dryer will run at its optimum performance and will help reduce the risk of a fire.

                If you have any questions about Dryer vent cleaning you can give us a call @ 937-286-2244 or check out our website, we have been cleaning customers Dryer Vents in the Centerville OH and surrounding areas for years. You will be glad you did.

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