Dryer Vent Cleaning in Bellbrook OH


Dryer Vent Cleaning in Bellbrook OH and surrounding areas

Earth Pro Clean offers dryer vent cleaning in Bellbrook OH, for a complete list of our cleaning services please call or click. In this article I will discuss some signs that you need your dryer vent cleaned the different cleaning processes to clean them.

Why clean your Dryer Vent?

                Your clothes dryer is pretty much a large oven that spins; the dryer gets very hot and evaporates the water in your wet clothes, during a usual dry cycle your dryer can pull out as much as one gallon of water. The heat and water vapor need to go somewhere in order for your Dryer to work properly. You have a vent pipe that connect s to your Dryer and vent the heat and water vapor outside, if that vent pipe gets clogged with lint or a birds nest than your dryer will no function properly and may catch on fire due to heat buildup.  This is why you need to clean your Dryer vent on a regular basis, annually or at least every 2 years, to insure that your Clothes Dryer is working at its best and flowing freely.

Benefits to routine Dryer vent cleaning:

1.       Will help prevent a dryer fire!

2.       You will save on utilities, (your dryer will run it’s best and run less)

3.       Your Dryer will last longer, (overheating and longer dry cycles will takes years form your clothes dryer.

4.       Peace of mind, one less thing to worry about.

Dryer Vent cleaning processes:

1.       The AIR process: This process is completed using an air hose with a special tip on it that blows the air backwards removing the bulk of the lint. This process clean good but does not scrub the inner side walls of the vent pipe. The cleaning is preformed from the outside only. Most companies who offer this type of cleaning do not clean inside your Dryer.

2.       The Brush process: This process is completed using flex rods and a brush that spins at a low rpm to scrub and clean the inner vent walls, there is a high powered vacuum attached to the vent to remove the lint. The work is performed from inside as well as outside.

So there you have it no you can better ask questions when getting your dryer vent cleaned.

If you are interested in having Dryer vent cleaning performed in Bellbrook OH and surrounding areas, please give us a call here at Earth Pro Clean @ 937-286-2244,  you will be glad you did.

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