Dryer Vent Cleaning Service in Centerville OH

So your looking to have your dryer vent cleaned, Earth Pro Clean offers best dryer vent cleaning service in town, get your dryer running its best again, and don’t risk a fire, call today and schedule you’re cleaning. In this article I will discuss the different cleaning methods out there on the market today and some reasons why you should clean your dryer vent on a regular basis.

Why clean you dryer vent?

1.       Your clothes will dry faster: with your dryer vent cleaned out and free flowing your dryer will be able to exhaust the wet humid air faster thus drying your clothes faster!

2.       Your dryer will last longer: Now that your dryer is running less, your dryer will last longer, less wear and tear!

3.       You will save on your utility bill: Again now that you’re running your dryer less, this means you’re using less utilities i.e. electric, gas etc.

4.       You will help reduce the risk of a fire: If your dryer vent is clogged up with debris and lint, all that heat stays in your dryer and it can catch on fire, it happens more than you would think, don’t risk it get your cleaned annually.

A few cleaning methods out there:

1.       The Brush and flex rod method: with this method the cleaning tech attaches a high powered vacuum to the dryer vent at the wall inside and runs flex rods with a brush on the end spinning and cleaning the lint put and removing it. The process is also completed outside with reversed air flow. This is the best cleaning.

2.       Air method: with this method the cleaning tech feeds an air hose down your dryer vent from the outside with a special tip that blows the air in reverse, removing the lint. This method cleans the overall bulk but does not scrub the inner walls.

It does not take a major blockage to stop the air flow in your dryer vent, I have seen some very small lint clogs that stopped the air flow, all it takes is a sharp edge to grab a hold of the lint and bam, you have a buildup.

If you are looking for a dryer vent cleaning service in Centerville OH or surrounding areas, please give us a call here at Earth Pro Clean, you will be glad you did!

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