Dryer Vent Cleaning


Dryer Vent Cleaning 

Earth Pro Clean offers Dryer Vent cleaning, for other cleaning services please email or call. In this article I will discuss some reason why you should get your dryer vent cleaned as well as some cleaning process that can be used to clean them.

Why Clean your Dryer Vent:

1.       Your will lower the cost of your utilities, your dryer will be running at its best, resulting in lowered dry times thus saving you money.

2.       Your Clothes dryer will last longer, since your dryer is running less, you are putting less wear and tear on your dryer, and thus your clothes dryer will last you longer.

3.       Will help prevent a clothes dryer fire. Your dryer acts like a large oven heating up the clothes when the vent is blocked by lint all that heat stays in the dryer and can cause a fire.

4.       Peace of mind, one less thing to worry about.

Signs your Clothes Dryer is getting clogged:

1.       Clothes are taking too long to dry, or you are running multiple dry cycles to dry your clothes.

2.       Excessive moisture builds up on the inside of your dryer.

3.       Laundry room or area hotter than normal.

4.       Signs of water damage where the vent goes through the wall or travels along the celling.

5.       Your dryer shuts off from overheating.

Cleaning process to clean Dryer Vents:

1.       The Air Process: In this process the cleaning tech runs a long air hose with a special tip on the end that blows back the air, resulting in the lint being blown back and out. This dryer cleaning process results cleans the bulk of the lint but does not scrub the inner walls. This process is done from the outside, so the cleaning tech really does not know how far he has gone in, only till the lint stops coming out. The inside of the dryer will still need cleaned. This method is not our preferred process of cleaning.

2.       The Flex Rod and Brush process: With this process the clothes dryer is removed from the wall a high power vacuum is connected to the vent, flex rods with a brush on the end routing at a low rpm are feed through the dryer vent gently scrubbing the inner walls, all lint is vacuumed away. This process is done from the inside and the outside when the air flow is reversed, both sides of the vent should be cleaned. The dryer is than cleaned out inside and reconnected and tested for air flow. This process is best for dryer vent cleaning, it may take a little longer to complete but your will leave behind less lint residue in the pipe resulting in a slower build up.

If you are looking for Dryer Vent Cleaning in our service area, please do not hesitate to email or call, we have been cleaning out dryer vents for customers for years, you will be glad you did.

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