Dryer Exhaust Duct Cleaning in Dayton Ohio


Dryer Exhaust Duct Cleaning Dayton Ohio

Earth Pro Clean offers the best Dryer exhaust duct cleaning in town, call or click today to schedule you’re cleaning. In this article I will discuss why you should clean your dryer duct and some cleaning processes to clean them.

Why clean your Dryer exhaust Duct?

 Your clothes dryer makes a lot of heat to dryer your clothes, all that heat and moisture needs to go somewhere. If you dryer exhaust duct is clogged with lint the heat and the moisture will remain in your dryer and:

·         Your clothes will take longer to dry, if at all.

·         Your dryer will get hotter than normal, extra wear and tear.

·         You will spend more on utilities, running dryer longer.

·         Your dry could catch fire, if the dryer gets too hot.

Cleaning processes:

·         Air method, this process the tech will run a long air hose down your vent from the outside that has a special tip on the end that will blow back the air and remove the bulk of the lint.

·         Brush and flex rod method, this process the tech will remove your dryer, attach a high powered vacuum to the dryer exhaust, and run flex rods with a spinning brush on the end to remove all lint and debris from the exhaust.

What cleaning method is best? At Earth Pro Clean we believe the flex rod and brush method is the best method to clean your dryer exhaust duct. The air method doesn’t scrub the inner duct walls like the flex rod and brush process.

For dryer exhaust duct cleaning in the Dayton Ohio and surrounding areas, please give us a call here at Earth Pro Clean, you will be glad you did.