Dryer Duct cleaning in Xenia OH


Dryer Duct cleaning in Xenia OH and surrounding areas

In this article I will discuss Dryer Duct cleaning, you have been searching trying to figure out why your clothes Dryer is not drying your clothes, or a Dryer repair man has told you to clean your dryer duct. In this article I will talk about some signs that it’s time you clean your dryer duct and a few cleaning processes to get it done. First here are a few signs that your dryer duct is getting clogged:

1.       Your lint trap is getting more lint trapped in it than usual.

2.       Your laundry room is getting hotter than normal.

3.       Your clothes are still wet after a complete cycle, but your clothes dryer is still getting hot.

There are two cleaning processes that a dryer duct cleaning company can use to clean your dryer ducts:

1.       The brush cleaning process: in this process the cleaning company will use a high powered vacuum along with flex rods with a cleaning rush attached to the end, rotating at a low rpm, cleaning the inner walls. This process cleans best but takes a little longer to complete.

2.       The air cleaning process: in this process the cleaning company will use aa air hose with a special tip designed to blow the air backwards thus cleaning the lint from the Dryer duct, this method odes not clean as effective, there are no brushes scrubbing the inner duct wall.

So no you know a little about Dryer Duct cleaning and some signs that you need your Dryer duct cleaned. Here at Earth Pro Clean we recommend you have your Dryer duct cleaned ever year, to be safe and get the most out of your Clothes Dryer.

If you are looking to have your Dryer Duct cleaned in the Xenia Oh and surrounding areas please give us a call here at Earth Pro Clean @ 937-286-2244, you will be glad you did.