Dryer Duct Cleaning in Centerville OH


Dryer Duct Cleaning in Centerville OH and surrounding areas

So your clothes Dryer in not drying your clothes, you may need your Dryer Duct Cleaned. In this article I will talk about Dryer Duct Cleaning; signs of when you should clean your dryer ducts, and different processes that are out there to clean your Dryer ducts. Here are some signs that you may need your Dryer Duct cleaned:

1.       Your laundry room is hotter than normal, your dryer creates lots of heat and if your Dryer duct is blocked with lint the heat will stay in your Dryer and laundry.

2.       You start to notice an unusual amount of lint in your lint trap screen, this is a sign that your dryer is not passing the lint properly and the air flow is slowed down.

3.       Your clothes are still wet after a complete Drying cycle usually 45 to 50 minutes, if your clothes are wet but the Dryer is Hot, your dryer duct is blocked with lint and needs cleaned.


There are a few different processes that a cleaning dryer duct cleaning company can use to

Clean your dryer ducts:

1.        The Brush process; in this process the cleaning technician uses a high power vacuum and cleaning flex rods with a brush on the end rotating at a low rpm. This process works the best as it clean the walls of the dryer duct, leaving behind minimum lint residues.

2.       The Air process; in this process the cleaning technician uses and air hose with a special tip that blows the air backwards thus cleaning the lint out of the Duct, this process will clean the bulk of the lint but does not scrub the inner walls and leaves behind lint residues to trap and catch lint, resulting in a faster build up.

At earth Pro Clean we only use the Brush Cleaning process as we believe that it cleans better resulting in less lint residues left behind, the process takes a bit longer to clean with but is worth the extra time. SO there you have it some inside information to Dryer Duct cleaning, at Earth Pro Clean we recommend getting your Dryer ducts cleaned once a year to ensure your Clothes Dryer is working at its best performance.

If you are looking to have your Clothes Dryer Duct cleaned in the Centerville Oh and surrounding areas, give us a call here at Earth Pro Clean @ 937-286-2244 you will be glad you did.