Dryer Duct Cleaning in Beavercreek OH


Dryer Duct Cleaning in Beavercreek OH and surrounding areas

So your Dryer is not working? In this article I will discuss Dryer duct cleaning and the importance of getting your dryer cleaned on a regular basis.  First of all how do you know that your Clothes Dryer is not working to its optimal performance?

1.       Your clothes take too long to dry, if they are still wet after a full cycle 45-50 minutes and your Dryer is getting hot, this is a good sign your Dryer duct is clogged.

2.       Your laundry room is hotter than normal: your Clothes Dryer puts off heat, and if your Dryer duct is clogged, it has nowhere to go but stay inside your laundry room.

3.       You may have a warning light on your clothes dryer saying to clean your dryer duct and or dryer vent. These do work but I have found they are unreliable sensors.

4.       If you start to notice an unusual amount of lint starts to build up in your lint trap.

These are all good signs and warning that it is time to clean your Dryer duct. There are a few processes to clean Dryer Ducts:

1.       The AIR method, in this process the cleaning tech will run an air hose down the vent from the outside that has a special tip on it, this tip will blow backwards blowing the lint out of the Dryer duct, we believe that this method does not give the best cleaning and we do not use this Method at Earth Pro Clean.

2.       The brush and vacuum method, in this process the cleaning tech pulls the Dryer away from the wall and attached a high power vacuum to the Dryer duct; we than clean the duct using flex rods and brushes spinning at a low RPM.

So there you have it some insight on Dryer Duct cleaning, at Earth Pro Clean we recommend getting your Dryer Duct cleaned every year. So if you are looking to have your Dryer Duct Cleaned in the Beavercreek OH and surrounding areas, give us a call here at Earth Pro Clean @ 937-286-2244, you will be glad you did.