Dryer Cleaning in Centerville Ohio


Dryer Cleaning in Centerville Ohio

Earth Pro Clean offers the best dryer cleaning in town, for more cleaning services please call or click. In this article I will discuss dryer cleaning, with some reasons why you should clean your dryer and a few cleaning methods out there.

Why should you clean your dryer?

You dryer is like a large oven that heats up the clothes and evaporates the water, if all that heat and water has nowhere to go and is trapped in your dryer, your clothes will not dry, your dryer will run longer, and your dryer could over heat resulting in a fire.

Reasons why to clean my dryer:

1.       Your clothes will dry faster!

2.       Your dryer will run less!

3.       You will save on your utilities!

4.       Your dryer will last longer!

5.       Will help reduce the risk of a fire!!

6.       One less thing to worry about!!!

Dryer cleaning methods:

·         The air method is when your cleaning technician runs a long air hose from the outside of the vent with a special air tip on the end that blows back the air, as he or she feeds the air hose into the vent the lint is blown backwards, the cleaning tech knows when to stop by the amount of lint that is coming out. ( at earth pro clean we do not believe that this methods is accurate and completely cleans the dryer and the vent, we use the following method to clean dryers )

·         The Flex rod and brush method, with this method the cleaning technician removes the dryer from the wall, connects a high powered vacuum to the vent, feeds flex rods with a brush on the end rotating and cleaning the vent pipe, the dryer is cleaned out as well before hook up. This method is completed from the inside and the outside with reverse air flow to ensure a complete and thorough cleaning of the dryer and vent.

If you are looking for a dryer cleaning company in Centerville Ohio and surrounding areas, give us a call at Earth Pro Clean, our reputation speaks for its self, you will be glad you did.

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