Dry Carpet Cleaning in Beavercreek OH


Dry carpet cleaning in Beavercreek OH and surrounding areas

                In this article I will discuss Dry Carpet cleaning aka (Low Moisture carpet cleaning). The truth to the matter is there will always be moisture when cleaning carpets, with Low Moisture carpet cleaning, there is a few different process that you one can use to clean with, we will discuss a few.

Bonnet carpet cleaning is probably one of the most popular Dry carpet cleaning aka low moisture processes available to customers.  I this step the cleaning technician will pre-spray the carpet area to be cleaned with a special cleaning solution made for Low Moisture cleaning. The cleaning techs will than follow up with a Bonnet pad on a Rotary machine, this will lightly agitate the fibers removing the soil, the soil is attracted to the pad and the bonnet pad goes from white to brown-black depending on how dirty the carpet is. This process is very effective even on very dirty carpets.

To use this process on very dirty carpets, the tech will pre-spray, followed by a special scrub pad designed to scrub the fibers and loosen up imbedded soil. The next step is to follow up with the Bonnet pad as above; this will amaze most people how effective it is.

The nest cleaning process for Low moisture cleaning is a process called “encapsulation” cleaning, in this step the tech will pre-spray the area to be cleaned, and follow up with a special CRB (counter rotating brush) machine. The brushes will agitate the fibers cleaning them and the soil is “encapsulated” in the cleaning solution and dries to a crystal, the cleaning solution than dries usually within 30-45 minutes, the customer will remove the soil encapsulated in the crystal over the next few vacuum cycles. This process is not for everyone.. However there are a few large franchise cleaning companies that only offer this process to clean, so ask questions.

There you have it a better understanding of Dry carpet cleaning aka Low Moisture carpet cleaning. Now you know the difference, and can better make a decision on your cleaning process.

At Earth Pro Clean we only offer the Bonnet Dry Cleaning Process, as this process actually removes soil from the carpet as we clean, the carpets are usually dry in less than one hour. We do not recommend this process for customers who have Pet odor issues. Not sure if Dry carpet cleaning is for you? If you have any questions regarding what cleaning process you should use, give us a call @ 937-286-2244 we have been Dry Cleaning Carpets for years in the Beavercreek Oh and surrounding areas, and have many happy customers, give us a call you will be glad you did. 

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