Dayton, OH Carpet Cleaning Service




You have carpets in a large percentage of your home and/or office building. You know they get dirty because you can see the color, once bright and vivid go dull and mottled. You vacuum on a regular basis; You might even have a cleaning service come in on a regular schedule. That is not the issue. The reason you need a professional carpet cleaning company come in every once in a while is because of the deep down dirt, bacteria, germs, and allergens as well as the possible presence of mold spores that might be lurking there.


Dayton, OH Carpet Cleaning Service, the way we see and do it means deep cleaning. It means removing the vast majority of the things you can not get out with even the nicest vacuum cleaners. That is why you need the help we offer. That is why it is crucial you have our crew of trained technicians come in and use the state of the art equipment to ensure the cleanliness and safety that a healthy floor provides your family.


This is accomplished in several ways or processes. One of the most popular is the water extraction system. This can be hot water and it can also be maximum flow, depending on the type of carpet material, the quality of the soils being cleaned out and off and the quantity of it. This equipment will force a cleaning solution deep into the pile of the carpet to dislodge the contaminants and suspend them within it. The brushes or beater bar will also agitate the fibers to remove even more of these offending particle. This suspension will then be vacuumed up and removed from the home or office. Sanitizing agents will be used to kill any organisms that are present to assist in their physical removal and to leave a pleasant fragrance if any at all. Our Dayton, OH Carpet Cleaning Service will help in the long run.