Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Beavercreek OH


Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Beavercreek OH and surrounding areas

                First I would like to talk about why commercial carpets need more professional cleaning than a residential carpet. In a commercial environment the carpets and floor take much more abuse, usually 8-10 hours a day from employees and customers. So the need to clean them is more frequently in order to maintain a clean appearance and healthy environment. Sadly most of the time commercial business owners clean on appearance, (don’t clean it if it doesn’t look dirty) approach. This is the wrong approach to commercial carpet maintenance and the carpets life longevity.

                There are multiple cleaning processes to for commercial carpet cleaning, you have Hot water Extraction aka Steam cleaning, and Encapsulation cleaning aka Low Moisture or Dry Cleaning. The Hot Water Extraction process aka Steam Cleaning is what we like to call a restorative cleaning, to try and bring the carpet back to the highest appearance level that it can reach. After the restorative cleaning we maintain the carpets using a more cost effect and convenient process, Encapsulation cleaning.

                Now I will start by saying that Encapsulation cleaning is not just a maintenance cleaning process, trained professional using proper equipment and cleaning solutions can achieve the same if not better results compared to Steam Cleaning.  In the Encapsulation cleaning process the carpet is sprayed with a special cleaning solution designed to suspend the soil and then we go over the carpet fibers using a special bonnet pad that will absorb the soil, leaving behind clean carpets. For the really nasty carpet where there is just too much square feet to be cleaned, and Steam Cleaning is just not cost effective, we will take the two step approach, first we will scrub the fibers using a special scrub pad, followed by the bonnet pad, this two-step approach can achieve excellent results on very soiled carpets.

                Commercial carpets are usually priced by the square feet of carpet being cleaned, rather than a room price. Professional cleaning company’s prices range from $.08 a square foot for Encapsulation cleaning to $.22 a square foot for Steam Cleaning. When bidding a commercial carpet cleaning job one has to take in to count the accessibility as well, and not just the square feet of carpet. The use of cleaning solutions special designed for commercial carpets and fibers needs to be used also.

                So there you have it, now you have a little knowledge about commercial carpet cleaning, and it may help you in deciding what approach will best fit your commercial business, but if you have any questions regarding the process you think will be best for your office or business, please do not hesitate to give us a call here at Earth Pro Clean for you free commercial carpet cleaning consultation, you will be glad you did. @ 937-286-2244

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