Clothes dryer cleaning in Fairborn Ohio


Clothes Dryer Cleaning in Fairborn Ohio

At Earth Pro we offer the best clothes dryer cleaning in town, dry our clothes in less time reduce the risk of a fire! Call today.

So you think your clothes dryer is not working proper and your vent may need cleaned?

I hear it every day from customers when they call, “my clothes dryer is not working and the repair man told me to get the vent cleaned”. You should not wait until your clothes dryer doesn’t work anymore, you need to make cleaning your clothes dryer a regular routine annual maintenance, this way your clothes dryer will always be running at its optimal performance. Below are a few reasons why you should clean your clothes dryer.

Reasons to get your clothes dryer cleaned routinely:

1.       You will help reduce the risk of a fire! Your clothes dryer gets hot, and if that heat has nowhere to go it could catch fire.

2.       Will reduce your dry time! When your vent is clean and free flowing, your clothes will dry faster in less time.

3.       Save on your utilities! Less time running your clothes dryer, results in less expense!

4.       You clothes dryer will last longer! Now that your clothes dryer is running less it will last longer!

Earth Pro Clean has been cleaning clothes dryers in the Fairborn Ohio area for years and we have many happy customers, that call us back every year to clean their clothes dryer, we are a member of the BBB and have a great reviews, call us today to clean your clothes dryer vent, you will be glad you did!