Clothes Dryer Lint Removal in Beavercreek Ohio


Clothes Dryer Lint removal

Earth Pro Clean offers clothes dryer lint removal in Beavercreek Ohio, for other cleaning service please call or click. In this article I will discuss some reasons why you clean the lint form your clothes dryer and a few cleaning processes.

Why remove the lint form your dryer and vent?

1.       Reduce the risk of a fire; your clothes dryer is like an oven producing lots of heat, if that heat has nowhere to go due to lint in the vent, than you dryer will not work its best and may over heat and cause a fire.

2.       Lower utilities; if your clothes dryer is working at its best it will run less and you will use less utilities.

3.       Your clothes dryer will last longer; if your dryer is running less due to having a free flowing vent, your dryer will last longer.

4.       Peace of mind: You will have one less thing to worry aboutJ

Clothes Dryer lint removal processes:

1.       Air process, with this process the cleaning tech runs a long air hose with a special tip to blow back the sir, removing the lint. This process does not scrub the inner vent walls. And is completed from the outside only. (Good cleaning.)

2.       Brushes and Flex Rods; with this process the dryer is removed and a high powered vacuum is connected to the vent, flex rods with a brush a feed through the vent pipe, lightly scrubbing the inner walls and removing the lint. This process is completed from the inside and the outside when the air flow is reversed. (Best Cleaning)

Now you can make a better decision on what cleaning process you would like to have completed. If you are looking for Clothes Dryer Lint removal in Beavercreek Ohio and surrounding areas, give us a call here at Earth Pro Clean, you will be glad you did.