Clothes Dryer Cleaning in Xenia OH


Clothes Dryer Cleaning in Xenia OH and surrounding areas

For more cleaning service please call or click, In this article I will discuss clothes dryer cleaning, some reasons why you should get your clothes dryer cleaned and the cleaning processes that most companies will offer.

Why clean your clothes dryer:

1.       You will save on your utilities, because your dryer is now working at its top performance it will run less. Thus saving energy.

2.       You will reduce the risk of a dryer fire, your dyer is like a large over creating lots of heat, if your dryer vent is clog with lint the heat cannot escape, this could result in a dryer fire.

3.       Your clothes dryer will last longer, your dryer will run less, and will not be as hot, this equals less wear and tear, thus your clothes dryer will last longer.

4.       Peace of mind, one less thing to worry about!

Clothes Dryer cleaning processes:

1.       The Air process: in this process the cleaning company will run a long air hose with a special tip that will blow the air backwards, resulting in the lint being blown out. This process works very well at removing the bulk of the lint but does not scrub the inner side walls. This process is done from the outside only.

2.       The flex rod and brushes process: with this process the cleaning company will remove your dryer, connect a high powered vacuum to your vent and run flex rods with a brush on the end spinning at a low rpm, scrubbing the inner walls removing the lint. This process is done from the inside as well as the outside. This process will usually take longer to complete but you will get a better clean.

Earth Pro Clean uses the Flex Rod and Brush process, as we believe you get a better clean, if you are looking for clothes dryer cleaning in Xenia OH and surrounding areas please email or call to schedule your cleaning, you will be glad you did.