Clothes Dryer Cleaning in Fairborn OH


Clothes Dryer Cleaning in Fairborn OH

Earth Pro Clean offers clothes dryer cleaning, please call or click today to schedule your cleaning. In this article I will discuss clothes dryer cleaning, some reasons why you should clean, and a few of the cleaning processes.

Why should you clean your clothes dryer?

1.       Your clothes dryer will last longer, after a good cleaning your clothes dryer will be running at its top performance and will run less, the result will last longer.

2.       You will save on your utilities, just as above, good cleaning results in running less, results in spending less on your utilities.

3.       Will help reduce the risk of a fire! Your clothes dryer is like an oven all that heat needs to vent out, if contained in the dryer, your dryer could overheat resulting in a fire.

4.       Peace of mind! One less thing to worry about!

Clothes Dryer Cleaning processes:

1.       The Brush method, with this method the cleaning tech will remove your dryer from the wall and attached a high power vacuum to the dryer vent, next the tech will run flex rods with a brush on the end spinning at a low rpm to remove the lint, the dryer is than cleaned and replaced. This process is completed from the inside and the outside.

2.       The Air method, with this method the cleaning tech will run a long air hose down your clothes dryer vent from the outside, the air hose will have a special tip on it that will blow air backwards, resulting in the lint being blown out. This method cleans well but does not scrub the inner vent walls. This process is completed form the outside only.

If you are looking for clothes dryer vent cleaning in Fairborn OH and surrounding areas, give us a call here at Earth Pro Clean, we have been cleaning customer’s clothes dryer vents for years. We use the Brush method; we believe it’s the best way to clean.