Clothes Dryer Cleaning in Bellbrook OH


Clothes Dryer cleaning in Bellbrook OH

Earth Pro Clean offers clothes dryer cleaning in Bellbrook OH and surrounding areas, for more cleaning services please see our website. In this article I will discuss clothes dryer cleaning, along with the different cleaning processes to clean your clothes dryer. First let’s talk about why you should clean your clothes dryer.

Cleaning your clothes dryer will:

1.       Help reduce the risk of a fire, the heat in your clothes dryer has to go somewhere, if your vent is clogged with lint that heat can dangerously build up.

2.       Will reduce your utilities

3.       You clothes dryer will last longer

4.       Peace of mind, one less thing to worry about!

Clothes dryer cleaning processes:

1.       The air process: with this process the cleaning tech will feed a long air hose with a special tip on it to blow the air backwards, the result in removing the bulk of the lint, this cleaning process is completed from the outside only.

2.       Flex rod and brushes process: with this process the cleaning tech will connect a high powered vacuum to your dryer vent via the inside connection and feed flex rods with a brush on the end spinning at a low rpm, this process will remove the bulk as well as gently scrub the inner vent walls. This process is completed from the inside as well as the outside.

If you are looking for clothes dryer cleaning in the Bellbrook OH and surrounding areas please give us a call here at Earth Pro Clean, we have been cleaning out clothes dryer for years. You will be glad you did.