Cleaning out Dryer Vent in Centerville OH


Cleaning out Dryer Vent in Centerville Oh and surrounding areas

                Today I showed up at a customer’s house to clean their Dryer Vent, upon inspection I noticed the Dryer was brand new, the homeowner said this is the third Dryer in two weeks before they figured out that the Dryer Vent was clogged. I continued on with the Dryer Vent Cleaning and when I went on the Roof to check and clean the roof cap, I noticed that the customer had a new roof installed recently along with a new dryer vent roof cap. Inside the Dryer Vent roof cap was a screen that was completely clogged with lint.

                When installing a new Dryer Vent roof cap is sure to remove the screen, I know the screen is there to help with unwanted guests but does more harm than good for drying your clothes. I suggest at large pets control cage that will fit over the entire Dryer vent roof cap, but will let lint pass through. So the job turned out great and the homeowner was kind of upset that he just did not call us in the first place, instead of buying 3 Dryers first.

                The point of this article is that it’s not always the vent pipe that is clogged and you should always try cleaning out your Dryer vent first before buying a new Dryer. If you are interested in getting cleaning out your Dryer vent in Centerville OH and surrounding areas, give us a call at Earth Pro Clean, you will be glad you did.