Carpet Cleaning in Dayton OH


Carpet Cleaning in Dayton OH

Earth Pro Clean offers the best carpet cleaning in the Dayton OH area, please call or click to schedule your cleaning. In this article I will discuss carpet cleaning and some reason why you should clean your carpets, along with a few cleaning processes other there to choose from.

Why should you clean your carpets?

                The lack of carpet cleaning can lead to poor indoor air quality as well as allergens building up, your carpet acts like a filter for your home catching everything that fall on to it. I here every day, “don’t clean that room, it doesn’t look dirty”  Carpet cleaning goes way beyond looks and appearance, if you could see all the soil, allergens, and debris that is pulled from you carpets under a microscope, you may change your mind on how often you clean your carpets.

Reasons for regular routine carpet cleaning:

·         Your indoor air quality will improve.

·         Healthier home.

·         Carpets will last longer.

·         Carpets will always stay looking there best.

Carpet Cleaning processes:

                There a many different kinds of cleaning processes out there on the market today, I will discuss Steam Cleaning and Low Moisture cleaning.

Hot Water Extraction aka “steam cleaning”: With this cleaning process the carpets are cleaned with an emulsifier cleaner along with very hot water, the soil is than vacuumed away for removal. This process is the best all-around cleaning and the deepest, however your carpets are wet for a while.

Encapsulation Cleaning aka “low moisture cleaning”: With this process the carpets are cleaned with cleaning solution that is pretreated, followed by a bonnet pad on rotary machine that gently agitates the fibers, the soil is removed and collected on the bonnet pad. This process cleans very well but doesn’t give you that deep rinsing of the fibers. However uses a fraction of the water and is dry in less than one hour.

The two cleaning processes have their place in the cleaning industry and customer’s conditions will vary.

If you are looking for carpet cleaning in the Dayton OH area please give us a call here at Earth Pro Clean, we use both the Steam and Low Moisture cleaning process and can recommend which one is best for your conditions. Remember there’s clean than there’s Earth Pro Clean, call today!