Carpet Cleaning in Bellbrook OH


Carpet Cleaning in Bellbrook OH and surrounding areas

Earth Pro Clean LLC offers the best carpet cleaning in Bellbrook OH, call or click today to schedule you’re cleaning. In this article I will discuss the 2 different carpet cleaning processes that we offer here at Earth Pro Clean. Remember always ask questions know what cleaning chemicals your cleaning company is putting on your floors, it’s your home, and your family ask questions.

Hot Water Extraction A.K.A “steam cleaning”:

                In this cleaning process the carpet is pre-conditioned or pre-sprayed with a cleaning solution to suspend the soils, some companies only spray the traffic lanes, (all the carpet being cleaned should be sprayed). The cleaning solutions range form mild PH of around 6-7 to wild PH around 12-14, some can have alcohols, ethers, butyls, carcinogens and other hazardous agents in them so ask questions or you wind up with harsh residues left on your carpets. The next step is to follow up with a hot water (180-200 deg.) rinse of around 200-300 psi that rinses the fibers and vacuums away the soil.

This process is best for carpets that have not been cleaned in a long time ort have pet odors.

Encapsulation Cleaning A.K.A. Low Moisture Cleaning:

                In this process the carpet fibers are pre-sprayed with an Encapsulation cleaning solution that suspends the soil and encapsulates it.  Now most companies will just use a brush machine to break up the soil and let it be encapsulated to be later vacuumed up by the customer, at Earth Pro Clean we don’t believe in leaving behind all that soil for the customer. We use a Bonnet pad on a rotary machine that gently scrubs the carpet fibers and the suspended encapsulated soil is than carried away by the Bonnet pad. Leaving clean carpet, the carpet is usually dry within one hour. This process is not the best cleaning method for heavily soiled carpets and or carpets with pet odors, this process cleans very well but you should still incorporate “steam cleaning” into your cleaning schedule at least every few years.

So there you have it a little background on two of the carpet cleaning processes that are out there. Now you can ask the right questions and better make a decision on the cleaning process that best fits your conditions.

If your are looking to have some carpet cleaning performed at your home or business in Bellbrook OH or surrounding areas,

give us a call here at Earth Pro Clean @ 937-286-2244, you will be glad you did.