Carpet Cleaning - Pet Owners in Beavercreek OH


Carpet Cleaning - Pet Owners in Beavercreek OH


Earth Pro Clean offers the best carpet cleaning for pet owners in town, call today to schedule your cleaning.


Have Pets, need your carpets cleaned? What do you do?


We all love our pets but let's face the truth, our pets are animals and sometimes act on instinct, and accidents happen. So what do you do when you need your carpets cleaned, most of our customers who have pets used to dread getting their carpets cleaned, why? Because the house will smell like a wet dog, like I always tell them it's natural for the wet dog smell, pets have oils on the fur and hair and those oils will end up on the carpet, when 200 degree water comes in contact most times the wet dog smell will come out, so what do you do, how do you clean pet owner carpets.


At Earth Pro Clean we have been round and round with this problem for years, how to effectively steam clean customers carpets and try to leave the home with a fresh clean smell, and not a wet dog odor.


Our solution: We now offer a Pet Package to our cleaning package choices, the Pet Package is an upgrade to the Gold or Platinum package. With this Pet package you will get a special per-treatment that will help break down urine and pet oils to allow them to be easily removed during the steam cleaning process, you will also get the Rotovac 360i cleaning tool, this tool is an electric rotary device that agitates the carpet fibers while steam cleaning, best cleaning period. We also add a deodorizer to the rinsing step, this will help with light odors, for heavy odors you will need a heavy post treatment deodorizer. For deep urine spots and stains ask your technician about the deep extraction urine removal process.


If you are looking for to have carpet cleaning and are a pet owner in the Beavercreek OH or surrounding area, give us a call, you will be glad you did.


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