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 A dirty or germ infested carpet does not only affect the room’s appearance and comfort, it also brings negative health effects such as allergies and breathing difficulties. As such, your carpet requires regular professional cleaning services to ensure it is always fresh, comfortable, and safe.

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We have three packages to suit different clients’ needs. These are:

• Gold Package

This package is ideal for people who do not plan to reapply a fabric protector. With this package, your carpet gets a spot treat as well as pre-treatment before cleaning. Cleaning, on the other hand, involves one of two processes – steaming with soft water or low moisture cleaning.

The carpet fibers are finally treated with neutralization conditioner.

• Platinum Package

Unlike the gold package, this package includes reapplying of a fabric protector or premium deodorizer. As such, in addition to the aforementioned services, a deodorizer or carpet protector is applied and the carpet groom raked to make it soft and smooth.

• Pet Package

Pets are great company in the house but they can really mess the carpet. This package entails thorough carpet cleaning in Dayton, OH to eliminate all this mess, leaving your carpet as clean as new.

To start with, the carpet gets pretreatment to get rid of urine stains using a special urine remover. After this, pet oils and residue urine of broken down using a special cleaning solution for efficacy when cleaning. This paves the way for the Rotovac 360i steam cleaning process – an outspoken and thorough cleaning process.

The carpet is then rinsed using soft water and deodorizer to mask odors and give it a soft and plush texture to keep you and your pet comfortable.

We also offer unbeatable prices in addition to the best services in the market. As such, ensure your carpet feels and smells fresh and clean always – call us at (937) 286-2244 to enjoy the best carpet cleaning Dayton, OH services.

Carpet Cleaning Dayton, OH Services


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